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at least Ben Gibbard and vodka understand me

I wish

I kept this up to date about my life

I like the aesthetic of LJ

but I never come here, and no one else really does. Which I could absolutely use to my advantage.

Oh, anyways, I have a mentor and a lover and a friend that swims around my head and makes me so jealous that I'm not more like him.


you stop that now. It's not going to do either of us any good and it will make both of us frustrated.

Of course I could be making a giant egotistical misjudgment based on the assumption that you made the same giant egotistical misjudgment.

that's really complicated. I'm not going to think about it very much. This is stupid.


Sort of timeline...

so I've really only had significant feelings for someone three times in my life. And so far, one (this one) is healthy and happy and going well.

And then there's the one that was silly and a little bit disastrous but in the end not awful.

And then there's... yeah he was bad but that was a long time ago so whatever.

Fanmix: Good Excuses (Chuck, Bryce/Chuck)

Last one for now. Idk how long but at least a bit, as there are no more even in the early stages of production.

You know the drill. Maybe.Collapse )


I am cheesey and this is my only remotely (partially) fluffy mix ever so I gave them a dumb pairing name .____. or maybe it aleady exists. Whatevs.

After this the only finished and unposted mix is my Chuck/Bryce one. Idk when it'll be up >.>

Anyways, here lolCollapse )


Ye olden Mylar mix

So this is my oldest fanmix, first uploaded and posted three or four years ago XD revived just in case anyone wants it <3 Still to come:

Lost Children (Tron: Legacy, Sam/Quorra)
Good Excuses (Chuck, Bryce/Chuck)

Ah, the nostalgiaCollapse )


Fanmix: Divided (Fanboys, Linus/Eric)

As expected, this one made it out next. Still to be posted (all of these are complete btw):

Lost Children (Tron: Legacy, Sam/Quorra)
Good Excuses (Chuck, Bryce/Chuck)
Dark Blue (Heroes, Mylar. Also it's ancient.)

Aaaand Divided is right in here...Collapse )


I've gotten back into making fanmixes now. Kind of rabidly >.> after receiving feedback about this one in particular I decided to upload it first, and it will be followed by

Divided (Fanboys, Linus/Eric) Completed, probably next on to be published.
Lost Children (Tron: Legacy, Sam/Quorra) Needs cover art. Don't know when it will be internet ready.
Dark Blue (Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder) This is an OLD mix from my last LJ, xmastreefromhell, that I totally let get away from me. Needs to be recompiled, compressed, uploaded, etc. It'll be up some time.

And now, the one I actually came here to post!Collapse )

IIIII hope it it enjoyed :3 And please do let me know what you think!


Are you sending a twit?

I have twitter now @____@

since, really, only two people read this journal this is maybe a silly post but still TWITTER: